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Alpine Chimney Sweeps


The National Fire Protection Code (NFPA 211) recommends an annual inspection and sweeping of all chimneys to ensure the safety of your house. While it might sound alluring to cut down costs by opting for a sweeping service alone, we advise our customers to consider the risk factors posed by not getting annual inspections. Our friendly team performs professional chimney inspection services and works as per the guidelines of NFPA 211. Our certified professionals will ensure proper installation of the appliance as per the manufacturer's recommendations. After every inspection process, you can expect a written inspection report based on our findings and analysis.

Professional Affiliations

Wood energy technology transfer Inc.

Certified Sweep / Installer / Level 3 Inspector # 3096


Level 1, level 2 and level 3 inspections are available. 

video inspection

Video inspections

Using state-of-the-art technology, we can inspect areas of your chimney that are virtually impossible to see with the naked eye.

fireplace near dining table


We are experienced with almost any problematic condition and will offer a solution that fits your needs.

drone inspection

Drone inspections

We visually inspect tall or otherwise difficult-to-reach structures using our high-technology drones.


Rely on Our Certified Inspectors 

Make sure your fireplace or chimney is operating correctly. Opt for our dependable inspection services.

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